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Electronic Data Management System (EDMS)

We are the technology providers with a strong focus on hi-end cutting edge Technology.

  • Data entry from documents/books
  • Data entry/correction from image file in desired format
  • Data entry of inputs related to HR / Pay Roll / Purchase / Sales / Bills / Invoices / Inventory / Library / cash inflow & cash out flow etc. in tailor made software as per the requirement of customers
  • Data conversion
  • Data analysis
  • Scanning of documents / drawings / files (sizes from A0 to A4)
  • Cleaning of documents / drawing / files after scanning and editing
  • Printing of documents / drawings / files (sizes A0-A4)
  • Digitization and editing of drawings / documents / files in AutoCAD platform (sizes A0-A4).

  • Data is stored in tailor made software / system after studying system of the organization. These data can be down loaded by end users in LAN. All user departments will be given a password for security of data. All user departments can view the data. Only authorized departments may be permitted to edit the data, recording the reasons for editing. The record will contain the name of authorized person, date and time of editing and agencies, which has been informed of the changes after editing.
    Our Vision
    To become Prime company in the country in a span of 10-15 years in the following fields:
    • Call Centre
    • Software Development
    • Electronic Data Management System (EDMS)
    • Scanning/digitisation of drawing/documents
    • Translation/Interpretation of Russian Language.
    • Preparation of Process layouts/Process schedules for manufacturing of Aircraft/ Automobile or other precision components.
    • Customized Training.
    Contact Info
    Swyaz India
    H-203, Celebrity Garden,
    Sushant Golf City, Ansal
    Lucknow (U.P.) 226030.